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2012/2013 Rates

BACKCOUNTRY 24Ft. Pathfinder Tournament
(1 to 4 guests)

1/2 Day $475 (4 hours)
5/8 Day $525 (5 hours)
3/4 Day $600 (6 hours)
Full Day $700 (8 hours)
3/4 Day Marquesas Trip $650 (6 hours)
Full Day Marquesas Trip $750 (8 hours)
Sunset Tarpon $450 (4 hours)

LIGHT TACKLE 29Ft. SeaVee Center Console
(1 to 4 guests)

Ultimate Action Trips - Offshore - Wreck, Reef & Blue water

1/2 Day $700 (4 hours)
5/8 Day $775 (5 hours)
3/4 Day $850 (6 hours)
Full Day $1000 (8 hours)
Sunset Tarpon $700 (4 hours)
Mutton Spawn Trip $800 (5 hours 3-8pm) - April, May & June

Specialty Trips - Dry Tortugas & Shrimp Boats
Full Day $1500 (8 hours) Fuel Included

Specialty Trips - Way West & Gulf Towers
Full Day $1200 (8 hours) Fuel Included

Fuel Included on ALL Charters


Fuel Statement - Apparently a few charter services have decided that instead of telling you the total cost up front for your charter, it is easier to give you a lower rate and hit you up with a fuel surcharge or worse yet, make you pay for all of the fuel used that day out of your pocket, in addition to their full rate!

My rates include all of the fuel necessary to run as far as we need to, to keep you on fish, no excuses. Due to the incredibly high fuel prices, I have decided to come up with a new, easier pricing system that avoids charging an additional fuel surcharge or making you pony up at the end of the day. My rates cover the entire cost of fuel no matter how far we must travel.






Contact Us Toll Free: 1-877-290-4413

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